In order for your laminate floor to remain beautiful and functional it is necessary to maintain it correctly. The following maintenance instructions will teach you how easy it is to maintain your Robina laminate floor. Only with proper maintenance will your laminate floor perform and look it’s best.

Never Wet Mope Your Robina Laminate Floor!

  • It is very easy to clean the laminate flooring. Do not wet mop, steam cleaning, waxing or polish your floor.

  • Use dust mop, broom, vacuum or damp well-wrung mop.

  • Soak up small puddles immediately.

  • Most soils or stains can be removed by wiping with a cloth moistened slightly with plain water. Then wipe the surface with a clean dry cloth.

  • When use laminate flooring cleaner, pay attention to the relevant instructions. Never use ammonia based and abrasive cleaners.

  • Place walk-off mats at main entrance and felt pads under furniture legs.

Warning : Improper Maintenance will void the warranty !

Robina laminate flooring is best maintained in a moderate room temperature with 60~88% relative humidity.